Parque das Camélias

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Brazilia, Brasilia, Federal District

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For Sale (1 Units)  From R$1.760.000
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Parque das Camélias

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Brazilia, Brasilia, Federal District
Off Plan
For Sale (1 Units) From R$1.760.000

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Parque das Camélias in Brazilia, Federal District

Parque das Camélias is a condo and apartment project located in Brazilia, Federal District It has units

About Parque das Camélias

Parque das Camélias, 123 m², 3 bedrooms
3 bedroom apartment, 3 suites for sale in the Northwest - Parque das Camélias

Parque das Camélias: All the uniqueness of a place made for you. Located in the best place to invest, live and live in Brasilia, the Northwest.

Innovative and intelligent projects that add a unique style of living in planned spaces. Privileged location next to the North Wing and a few minutes from the Monumental Axis.

For more information on 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, contact us right now. Get to know the units available at our Northwest Sales Center: SQNW 102 - NOROESTE
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Units subject to availability.

* Advertised value (R $ 1,699,542.43) referring to unit 107.

Porcelain floor;
Electronic lock on the room door;
USB sockets;
Infrastructure for wireless home automation;
Linear drain in the bathrooms;
Plants with the possibility of reversibility.

Common areas: S. de Festas; Gourmet space; Barbecues; Fitness Center; Wellness Area; Steam room; Pools; Kids Space; Playground; and Garage.


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Frequently asked questions

Foreigners can own a condominium Freehold in their own name. Condominium ownership is best explained by looking at an example of a project that has 100 units for sale.

In this example, 49 of the total units in this building (or 49% of the total salable area) can be owned outright by non-thai nationals in their name.  The ownership titles of these 49 units is referred to as Freehold or Foreign Quota. 

This leaves 51 units remaining in the building (or 51% of the total salable). The freehold rights to these units are reserved for Thai nationals in what is commonly referred to as the Thai quota.

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After you have found the right property you have to follow these steps:

  • - Agreement of terms and conditions
  • - Reservation Agreement
  • - Reservation Deposit
  • - Sales and Purchase Agreement
  • - Settlement & Transfer

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Sure and with travel restrictions this is becoming a more popular option. We have online immersive tours of a large number of properties so you can see all properties from your home. Our experienced team can also conduct a video tour and once you are ready to go ahead with your purchase, either our team or we can recommend lawyer to manage the entire transfer of the property into your name without you physically being here.

Thailand has different visas like Spousal Visa, Retirement Visa, Student Visa and Elite Visa - just to name a few options. Each visa has different requirements but they are usually easy to obtain.

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